Quick Facts

  • Total Distance : 8-10k
  • Total Run Distance : 5k
  • Total Swim Distance : 2200m
  • Terrain Difficulty : Flat and Fast
  • Total Sections : 5
  • Longest Swim Distance : 1000
  • Longest Run Distance : 2.5k

Welland Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge

SwimRun is an exciting multistage event were competitors alternate between Swimming and running over a specific distance to complete the race. The Welland Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge includes 3 swims and 2 runs over a total of 7.20 K in and around this beautiful section of the Welland Canal.

The course will start at the Welland Canal Community Centre, winding through the area with a variety of Swims and runs, and ending up at the community centre area.

Race Segments

  • Stage 1 - Swim 1,000M – south along swim course then back to start line
  • Stage 2 - Run 2500 – North along the trail and loop around running south back to start finish area
  • Stage 3 - Swim 200 – North along canal to small dock
  • Stage 4 - Run 2500 - South on the trail and loop back around running north back to start finish
  • Stage 5 - Swim 1000 - From start finish south around course to finish line
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