Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge – Powered By CANAQUA SPORTS

Since our first race in 2017 we have been adding races as we work to grow the sport that has taken the world by storm. Our series has grown from 2 races in Ontario in 2017 to 12 races in 2022, and we continue to look for new and exciting ways to grow the amazing sport of swimrun.

We are very excited about what we have accomplished, understanding that there is a long way to go as we work to bring SwimRun into the mainstream in Canadian Endurance Sports. We look forward to continuing to grow Swimrun across Canada and beyond.

Since 2019 we have sent 12 of our athletes to the Aquaticrunner World Individual SwimRun Championships held every year in Grado Italy, and we are continuing to grow that part of our program by running qualifying events across Canada.