Quick Facts

  • Date: August 19/20, 2023
  • Location Sackville Lakes Provincial Park
  • Distances 13K, 20 K World Qualifying Distance

Nova Scotia SwimRun Challenge

Swim and run in and around Sackville Lakes Provincial Park as you complete our first ever SwimRun event in Nova Scotia. Our 20 K event includes 7km of swimming & 13km of Running that will take you along trails that will challenge your running ability, and swims of different distances through this beautiful lake.

We are excited to announce that the 20 K event, is the qualifying event for the AQUATICRUNNER IWC SOLO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 being held in Grado Italy on September 18, 2022


Total Distance – 7km Swim & 13km Run for 20km total

Stages – This has not been fully determined yet. An initial scope of the trail and water system were completed in the Fall of 2021 and the approximate distances of the runs and swims would be:

  • 2km Run
  • 1km Swim
  • 3km Run
  • 1.5km Swim
  • 2km Run
  • 2.5km Swim
  • 4km Run
  • 1.5km Swim
  • 2km Run